Dancing with Your Shadow

Kim Nataraja

An insightful and revealing book about meditation and accepting in joy and fearless love all the aspects of the Self and integrating them into a harmonious, cooperative whole – thus becoming part of the Dance of the Universe.

"In these pages anyone…. will find a guide, a friend and a teacher to walk - and to dance - with."

LAURENCE FREEMAN (Spiritual Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation)

"'Dancing with your shadow' is written by an experienced teacher of meditation, who not only describes the practice of the "art of arts", giving due weight to stilling the mind and dealing with such problems as distractions and restlessness, but looks at it from the point of view of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. This wide-ranging and comprehensive book will be of great interest to all meditators, but especially to those following Christian meditation discovered by John Main. And the stories and quotations from various traditions with which the author illustrates her points are a joy in themselves"

SHIRLEY DU BOULAY (Author of 'The Cave of the Heart')

"I really like your book. It is deep, and easy to read. Thank you for writing it."